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Should I pitch my invention to my place of employment?

mrhuppen's Avatar

I am new to this site and have a question. I work for a well known manufacturing company and was wondering if it would be wise or a bad idea to get a preliminary patent, create a prototype, and put together a power point presentation to attempt to sell the concept to the company I work for? I am weighing all options and am having a difficult time deciding which way I should go on this. Another option would be to contact one of the services out there. I am currently tied in with InventHelp, but am probably going to leave them. I have been researching Mars Rising Network and they seem to rate well from what I've seen. Any opinions are greatly appreciated...

Elizabeth Crouch
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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Ditto what Frank said. Not to mention if you have used the object you invented on the job you likely will not get any patent protection on it, unless you had filed a non-provisional patent first, and the company could claim it as their own, being you used it on the job. Do they have a suggestion box for employees? You could ask what their position is about submitting inside ideas.  And ask anyone that may have tried this before at your work. 

If its something thats specific to assembly or production of a said product they already produce that could save them a ton of time and money your odds are better. Hopefully you have had non-disclosure agreements signed with any of these companies you already have had contact with?

My thoughts are go with Edison Nation because it should and will save you a ton of money and grief by getting excellent feed back by being an indider first!

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