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starting and worried

jprashadhawaldar's Avatar

Hi everyone

Its my first day onto Edison Nation and the forum.  I am excited and so nervous at the same time.  I already have 2 beauty products and have been seeling my products to stores and individuals.  However, just the thought of the possibility to have your products in Bed, Bath & beyond, Walmart, or even HSN would be a blessing.

I am taking what I have learned from my entrepeneur parents and trying to extend the knowledge on another level.

Can anyone guide me on how to approach this, as I already have the products but would love the help on getting the products onto shelfs.

Should I join the Insider License or just submit an idea?  What would be better.

Please any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

thank you


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jennifer and Welcome to Edison Nation!

We are excited to have you here! How you chose to move forward with your membership is definitely up to you, and I'll defer to other members to advise on their experiences. One place I would start would be the Edison Nation Help Page (if you haven't already checked it out). Here you can find details of how to submit an idea, our evaluation process and review our Innovator agreement.

Following the Help Page, I would say to review the forum threads, there is a ton of information (especially in the Q&A thread - the first one you see when you open the forums page). Happy to answer any additional questions you have and we wish you the best of luck!

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chappy75's Avatar


Welcome to EN.

I will say this, the feedback feature to being an insider is the value. There was a time when we submitted our idea and when it got Xed we had to make up stories in our mind as to why it wasn't good enough.

We would come to the forums and pour over the explanation given for that stage but it was all speculative and could be any one of a dozen possibilities at each stage. If we were completely off base a member of the EN team would jump on and give us another clue as to why our baby was ugly.

Now, as an insider, EN actually gives feedback on why the idea failed at that stage no concerns though because you are able to opt it in at no additional charge to another search. PLUS you get "Inventor" Magazine and you can accumulate points for free submission and who doesn't love Free?... Win+Win+Win+Win!

Again, Welcome!

Good Fortunes


Michelle Sartori
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