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Who Can Help Me Sell or License My Patent???

salexan231's Avatar

Hi All,

I have patented my invention and am in the process of having a prototype made.  However, I have ZERO interest in manufacturing and going to market with the product myself.  In a perfect world, I would love to license my patent, but would also be open to negotiating the terms of a one time sale.  

Problem is, I have no connections within the industry I want to target/market my patent to, and no time to develop these relationships.  

Are there any reputable firms that would potentially have existing relationships within a specific industry and be willing to work on a contingency basis?

Any advise or guidance would be greatly appreciated :)

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Sam and Welcome to Edison Nation!

If you're interested in having your idea evaluated by the Edison Nation team for potential commercialization opportunities, you're welcome to submit it via our secure online submission system.

We encourage you to review our process and our standard terms/conditions before submitting by visiting the Edison Nation Help Page.

If you feel we're a fit for you, we look forward to reviewing your idea soon!

Adrienne Craighead
Mohammad Ahmad
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garyfaerber's Avatar

I am curious to know about your statement, you are in the process of having a prototype and yet you acquired a patent without a prototype.  I had to have a prototype first, then a drawing of the prototype, for my patent pending submission registration, then achieved my full design patent. Maybe design patents are different then Mechanical or Utility patents.  I am just curious to know.  Happy Easter!

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fxt0kql's Avatar


I also have just been granted a US patent on my invention, and I'm in the process of having a good prototype made for show and tell during marketing. I have been granted a utility patent, so in this case I did have to make a rough prototype early on to be able to test and develop my invention. I would be ashamed however to show my rough prototype during marketing. That's why I am having a nice prototype made, with my next step being that of approaching potential licensees or buyers. I will keep Edison Nation in mind in case my marketing efforts don't pan out.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Felix!

We wish you the best of luck!

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