Ferguson Containers Wants to See Your Innovation And Designs for Corrugated Products



Monday, July 01, 2019
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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Ferguson Containers is a corrugated box plant located in Alpha, NJ. We design and manufacture corrugated shippers, interiors and displays. Our mission is to deliver these products per spec, on time, no excuses. The late Thomas G. Ferguson founded the company in 1958. In 1993, four Ferguson brothers and several key employees began building on his legacy. Twenty-five years later, we still see the need for a service oriented corrugated supplier in the tri state area – while recognizing the many changes that have and will occur in the industry.

Innovation Needs

1. Through this search we are hoping to find designs for:

a) Reusable corrugated containers for grocery shopping. We are trying to reduce plastic packaging as it relates to grocery customers bringing in their own containers to shop. Most of these carry bags and containers are made of plastics that are difficult to recycle once they are worn out.

b) Corrugated furniture and storage systems for small, urban settings. Pulling heavy furniture up multiple flights of stairs is no fun. Also, looking for design help with corrugated storage systems to help maximize space in apartments. Visual appeal will be a key factor.

The target users for corrugated grocery containers would be primarily female, virtually any age and socioeconomic background. The environment is important to everyone. For the furniture/storage system demographic: younger, single, both male and female. Probably just starting out on their own so they would not have a lot of disposable income. Those living in apartments/small space tenants and college students.

PRICE POINTS:  For corrugated grocery containers the price points should be in the $10.00 - $12.00 range. For furniture/storage the pricing range will vary based upon the individual design.

The key in corrugated design work for our current customers are simplicity and structural integrity. It is easy to design something complicated and expensive. The hard part is keeping it simple, strong and cost effective.