Levinsohn Textile Company is searching for your Sleep and Bedding Innovations



Monday, March 30, 2020
at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

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Levinsohn Textile Company is a third generation, family owned business, founded in New York City in 1941. Their company began as an importer of fine European fabrics, and has since grown into a leading source for home fashion and utility bedding.

They design and produce categories such as bed linens, mattress and pillow protectors and decorative pillows, and have recently signed on as a licensee the New York Botanical Garden.

A growing company, they now have their sights set on a new brand/division of their organization that they are developing and they have come to you, the innovators of the Edison Nation community, to learn about your creative products to assist with all things sleep.

We know many innovators wake during the night with that light-bulb idea, but the focus of Levinsohn for this search is those innovative products that help you prepare for a good night of sleep and enhance your sleep experience. It can range from products that help lull you to sleep, through scent or touch, or even be products that make it easier for you to dress and prepare your bed or bedding products that make your sleep more comfortable, like mattress pads.

So, go get a good night sleep, dream about those products that will make bedtime more comfortable and relaxing, and let your mind wander. 

Levinsohn products can be found at retailers like: Bed, Bath & Beyond, JC Penneys, Target and Walmart.