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Simple Solutions

For Everyday Problems

Edison Nation is looking for product ideas in the following categories:

  • Home
  • Pets
  • Kitchen
  • Storage
  • Tools
  • Bath
  • Infant
  • Games
  • Outdoors
  • Gardening

Inspiration comes in different forms. Do you think of your best ideas in the shower? What about on your lunch hour? Maybe your idea comes to you while sitting in traffic? No matter where or when inspiration strikes, we believe everyone has a great idea for a new product. For those with an invention idea, but nowhere to turn, our All Category Search is for you.

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Our Process

A look into how it works

1. Have an idea?

We are always looking for great ideas to develop (or license) and bring to market!

2. Submit

Fill out our simple, secure submission form. It’s just $25 to submit your idea.

3. Review

Each innovation is evaluated by our expert review team.

4. Stay Informed

Watch your idea move through each point of review on the dashboard. We'll keep you engaged every step of the way.

5. Selection

If we fund and bring it to market, you receive 7.5% of adjusted gross revenue. If we license it to a partner, you receive 50%.

6. Secure

Store your ideas in our secure database so you’ll be ready to submit to each new opportunity.

You have the ideas. We have the resources.
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Is my idea secure?

Yes! Every idea that is submitted to Edison Nation remains private. If your idea is selected to be presented to a partner, we have strict NDAs in place. Your intellectual property is extremely important to us.

If my idea is selected, what do I get?

If your idea is selected for licensing, we will remain in contact with you and our partner from the moment the deal is signed until it is ready for the marketplace. Our team negotiates competitive royalty structures and all licensing revenues are split 50/50 with you, the original inventor.

Why do I have to pay $25?

$25 is a nominal fee to help offset the costs Edison Nation takes on to review each idea that's submitted. It is a one-time cost. If your idea is selected for licensing, we will navigate the road to commercialization -- all at no cost to you. If you are an Edison Nation Insider, the submission fee is only $20!

What do I need to submit?

We'll review all ideas, whether it's a sketch on a napkin or a prototyped invention. You don't need a patent to submit an idea to Edison Nation.

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