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Edison Nation's innovation solutions enable
top consumer product retailers and manufacturers
like you to accelerate NEW PRODUCT PIPELINES.
Put simply, we help you bring innovative products
to consumers faster and with less risk.


We have partnered with some of the largest and most well-known consumer products companies to bring them new innovation and we want to do the same for you.

Our community of innovators and entrepreneurs are ready and able to invent and develop new products and technologies — all for you, and all outside of your payroll. They can bring real-world insight and ingenuity to your brand.

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You want new product ideas

Here's how our platform can work for you

1. Search

We will collaborate with you on your product innovation goals and timeline. We will build and brand a search page to capture the best ideas possible – all for you, and all off your payroll.

2. Submit

Our community of innovators, consumers and your customers submit ideas to your search. Our platform is secure, confidential and all intellectual property is safely guarded so that you only see patentable products.

3. Review

All ideas submitted to your search are put through an 8-stage review and vetting process. We do all the heavy lifting to ensure you get the best ideas possible.

4. Presentation

Once your search wraps, we will present to you the best patent-protected and/or patentable ideas in a license-ready format. You can choose to develop any of the ideas presented.

5. Let's make new products

If you select an idea for licensing, Edison Nation is your one point of contact for term sheets and deals. We maintain contact with the inventor to keep them engaged on the news, and keep you focused on product development.

6. Innovation delivered

Our one-of-a-kind approach allows you to introduce new products within your industry at a minimal investment of time, risk and resources.



When you engage with us in a search for new ideas, our community's collective experience and our portfolio of existing intellectual property is leveraged to obtain targeted and protectable new products and product concepts.

We manage this for you in a seamless manner that offers a high potential at a minimum risk.

The Proof

We'll work with you to create a search online for new ideas. We will host the search on its own dedicated landing page that can remain open for new product submissions for two to six weeks, depending on your preference.

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    When preparing for college, Bed Bath & Beyond's college shopping checklist offers the crash course in preparing for school.

    Bed Bath & Beyond partnered with us to host a "Students of Invention" challenge open to their valued customers, the Edison Nation community, and beyond. The Bed Bath & Beyond team wanted to hear how others might solve the challenges that come with dorm room living.

    As a result of this national, co-branded innovation search, Bed Bath & Beyond is now selling a premium bed riser – the Power Bed Riser – which was invented by an industrial designer based in Nashville. This product first tested in Bed Bath & Beyond stores, and upon this success, rolled out into all stores for 2013's Back to School shopping season.

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    Stride Rite Children's Group wanted new product ideas for their pre-walker footwear line, Robeez by Stride Rite. Over the course of eight weeks, we received ideas that catered to babies (newborn to one year) and also busy, on-the-go moms.

    Stride Rite Children's Group "embraced" a concept that made its debut in Summer 2013. The appropriately named "Embracers" launched as part of the Sesame Street® line of children's shoes.

  • J&H International

    J&H International is a leading home goods manufacturer with premium placement in Walmart. Some people want to invent a better mousetrap; J&H wanted to find a better handheld can opener.

    To arrive at this solution, Edison Nation hosted a two-week "quick hit" search. We posed specific guidelines, a strict deadline, and a clear path to market to our community. In these two weeks, the community responded with 80 original ideas for manual can openers.

  • 03-lifes-abundance-logo

    Approximately 84 million households are home to cats or dogs, translating into a booming pet industry ripe for innovation.

    Life's Abundance wanted to expand into new pet territory, seeking innovative yet safe and wholesome toys and products that could enhance the lives of cats, dogs and their owners.

    To find new ideas, Edison Nation hosted a search for new pet product ideas. As a result, Life's Abundance licensed and developed the Stainless Steel Odor Remover bar, which was invented by Ninette Holbrook from Florida. The stainless steel bar binds to pungent pet odors, while the contoured nubs massage your pet as it neutralizes stubborn smells.

  • 04-sure-fit-logo

    Sure Fit, the home of the Ten Minute Makeover®, provides an attractive and affordable solution for consumers who want to protect their furniture from general wear and tear.

    Sure Fit worked with Edison Nation to find any and all kinds of covering innovations for the home. As such, Anne Daniels from Massachusetts submitted her wheelchair cover concept that was inspired by her own mother's needs.

    Sure Fit quickly selected the innovation, developed it and sold it on their website and on QVC.


We'll host the innovation search on our turnkey platform.

Edison Nation.
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Edison Nation delivers innovation from outside your own four walls. We identify—and often enhance—the best of the best and bring them to you in a license-friendly format. Less risk. More choices. Faster speed to market.
Enhanced success rate.

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