O Where O Where R My Points???

September 10, 2013

Hello to anyone who came here looking for the answer of the points for the submission by midnight …. Sorry very sorry it has taken this long & I am not posting where I stated I would (because sometimes sharks r swimming when u r just being a happy fish :) and don’t want any more bits) that I finally got our points so we could add another idea free- I finally got an email from Support & a person named Chris Root stating sorry and they manually had to add them to r account- If u still have an issue I say email anyone that is EN TEAM and u will get an answer as long as it isn’t Rich Holmes because he never responded even after many times and being told to email him- Hope this helps if u r still waiting and want your points- again many apologies for the delay have had many issues and only have had this resolved for a short period- as always Blessings and Smiles for all- If all else seems wrong just say to your self I got to wake up today and go from there :) believe because if we think r idea(s) r good and useful so will someone else so it is only a matter of time.. Smiles :)