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Chris Campbell

Location: Asheville, NC, US

Skills/Activities: Teacher, student, and Inventor

Member Since: 06/04/2011

College: University of Kentucky Lexington Kentucky
Major: Physician Assistant Studies
College: Oakland City University
Major: Masters in Education
College: Oakland City University
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
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Micro Blog

  • Life changes

    June 10, 2012

    Just 2 years ago I was a high school science teacher and baseball coach. I knew nothing about inventing and never thought I would jump into this. So many changes have occurred since then. First, I am no longer a teacher. I just finished up…

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  • Leap of Faith

    November 05, 2011

    Last year I had (what I thought at the time) a great idea for an invention enter my brain. I thought to myself, do I sit back and do nothing, or do I pursue this so I could at least say I had given it a chance with no regrets? I decided to…

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