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  • Left leg 1 March 2008
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Ralph Machesky

Location: Littleton, CO, US

Skills/Activities: Accomplished Inventor, 6 patents granted, others pending, Prototyping, competitive analysis, market research, and DaVinci Institute Member

Member Since: 08/03/2011

Ralph machesky hasn't added any forum posts yet.

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Micro Blog

  • Isn't life strange...

    November 07, 2011

    A turn of the page… (from the song by same name by The Moody Blues)

    I have been through quite a few page turns myself lately, but I’m optimistic that everything will work out. Already have some red ’X’s under my…

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  • Getting Started

    August 06, 2011

    Hello All-

    Have only been here a few days now, but starting to get the ‘feel’ for this place and I like the overall atmosphere and flow. Very surpised I didn’t explore this place years ago, but that’s my fault.…

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