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  • Braveheart
  • i love goldfish
  • i cut all the tile, all started out 12x12z
  • there's a story behind this, but you guys arent ready for it. lol
  • mosaic i made for the fire station
  • Hamburger
  • Maggie may turn me into a dog person
  • marble floor in my bedroom. We dug these salvaged tile out of a dumping ground. I categorized them and fit them together on my driveway, then, carried them 2 by 2 and set them on our floor..
  • my kitty Haffy
  • my daughters kitchen i redid. I added new cabinet doors and tiled the counter top and backsplash
  • collected junk made into this, i call it a Gothic
  • stained glass i made for our dormers
  • i love digital cameras
  • I never get tired of taking pictures of cows, this is Teddy Bear and she was wanting to eat my lunch when i took this picture
  • my kitchen mosaic with over 40,000 hand cut tile
  • I went to Hong Kong last April and what do i remember most, this, needed a bathroom like somethin terrible and opened a stall door to this. Thank god i'm a country girl, hope i used it

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