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Eric Huber
San Juan Capistrano , CA US
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Charlie Lumsden
Pukalani , HI US
Sideways Thinking, 3D Design, Misunderstanding things as better than they are, Getting irritated by things that don't work well, Napkin Sketching, "Physical Sketching" (making quick working prototypes), 3D Printing (I'm a 3D printing fanatic!), STEAM, and The Oxford Comma
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tommy apodaca
roswell , NM US
Toyota master salesman
I can do it. Yes.
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Elizabeth Crouch
Sheridan , OR US
Entrepreneur, Inventor, Creative Thinker, Mountaineering Enthusiast, Grandma!
Skip Tracer and Fun with photochopping
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David Pope
Dunn , NC US
Inventor, Retired Small Engine & Diesel Mechanic, Machinist
Creative Inventor
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Heidi Maurer
Union Beach , NJ US
Hair stylist / mom
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Ross Hissner
Aiken , SC US
Thinker, Tinkerer, Hands-on Artist with an Entrepreneurial numbers mind. Husband, Father and Handyman
I'm a perceiver (in the Jungian sense), so I'm not big on schedules or systems or organization or making lists and checking things off. I just "do". I buy day planners with the loftiest of intentions, but end up using them to plan only a single day., I'm easily distracted and easily focused and easily interested and easily disinterested. I don't do anything regularly, including sleep. The simplest tasks are often the hardest ones for me to do, like dishes and laundry., and I'm a cynical idealist, a walking contradiction, and the most ridiculous person I know.
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Allison Joyner
Columbus , OH US
Inventor, mother, grandmother
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Johnathan Berner
Sabina , OH US
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dan gitzler
tampa , FL US