Love imagining ideas including art

October 24, 2015

Staying positive can be challenging and I can imagine quite a lot of ideas but it is a matter of time to know whether or not any will become a big seller. Anyway the link below to my artwork created in 2009 even though I haven't made any money from it, thought I mention it here as my hidden talent, even though I am stuck with Interlux Design Curtains & Blinds company based in Berwick, Victoria, Australia as a flyer walker, being the only flyer walker to work more than 5 hours a day Monday to Wednesday, and pretty soon, starting Monday 26 October, I will be working another 3 days, that's 6 days a week at

$12 per/hour x 9 hours x 6 days = $648

I was about to give it up in the first few weeks, throw in the towel because I had to use double-sided tape by pulling it with my hand then using my fingernail to peel away the paper covering from  the tape before taping it on the advertising flyer. A solution popped inside my head when I visited the retailer Office Works to buy a couple of ballpoint pens, I noticed on the shelf these plastic sleeves that protect your birthday cards etc from dust, and that they come in a pack a of ten, I bought a few packs so that I can use each plastic sleeve as a holder to hold the flyer with the peeled double-sided tape on one side, and another flyer on the other side of the plastic sleeve.

I have been a flyer walker with Interlux for more than 12 months, and now the company can afford to pay me the weekly income above because customer demand is growing and I had to trust them, kmowing that the weather in this side of Victoria has become too perfect as mostly sunny days, barely any days with heavy rain that would slow housing construction down. Busy house sites I keep re-visiting to put the flyers on windows or walls of houses under construction, such as Grices Rd Berwick, Timbertop Bvd Officer, Ranfurlie Bvd Cranbourne, Church Rd Keysborough - the reason why I re-visit these areas is because the tradesmen since there are so many in construction are also possible customers, not just relying on the homeowner because they could have theirs pre-ordered with another company. 

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