The crazy cork

March 10, 2010

I just started on EN last week after getting an email about the ASOTV LPS deadline. Once I got on here, it is as if the crazy cork in my head popped out and the ideas are swarming out. Most need to be stuffed right back where they came from! Some aren’t even really for current searches, but I can’t stop them. I wonder if everyone else has started out this way? With the ones I’ve submitted, I have 3 that just passed the initial G2 check and 1 at G3. My son and I have 3 entries for the name search. His cork never materialized, so he’s a big help.
I’ve emailed everyone I know about this site. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to give this a shot. It is the most fun I’ve had in … a long time.

Not Red

March 11, 2010

So far all is still a nice green on my dashboard. Logic tells me that soon one will be eliminated. I hope it happens only one at a time, if it has to happen at all. The idea of 3 or 4 red X’s appearing all at once is dreadful. The thought actually came to me in a dream last night! Talk about being obsessed by this site!

Biding time in the forums

March 12, 2010

I’ve noticed that this is continuing to hold my interest, even when I know the process is a slow one and my dashboard hasn’t changed in days. I am now hooked on the forums! And I keep coming up with more ideas that I can’t even submit yet. I’m getting nothing done around my house. My dishes are waiting. I have laundry to do before I go to work tomorrow. This is addictive on so many levels. And I still wonder, is this what everyone else goes through in the beginning? If I get to see more green check marks, I’ll be even more hooked. Oh. I just peeked. Another green check for one of my Presto ideas! That’s 2 at G3 and 2 at G2 now. Too cool.


March 13, 2010

I am tickled to find that I’m not alone here. There are plenty of obsessed, bottled-up inventors to share experiences with on EN. My dad, who died at the age of 81 over 12 years ago, invented all kinds of things: welded them, built them with anything he could find. He had a gutter-grabber, a squirrel baffel (that still frustrates squirrels to this day), a hand-made door latch, a home-made mini-bike, and airplanes. Not models, but home-built airplanes that he flew. He lived to create what he dreamt. I just love reading the forums to get glimpses of the spirit of creativity he had.


March 15, 2010

Rather than dreading red, I decided to plan for it. I will write my next entry when I see that first red x. I’ll save it up. No blogging about hopeful things. I’ve got to be realistic here. I’ve read about so many R4’s and R8’s today. I know it’s coming because… well… it happens. So. Next one will be about that primary color I was dreading.

G4 satisfaction

March 20, 2010

Ok, now I know I said I wouldn’t blog until some red thing x’d me out of the running. I just hadn’t counted on how great it would feel to make it through the research and design phase. Oh man!!!!! I was at work (RN on oncology floor) and peeked. My arm shot up and I realized I made a “Hah!!!” sound. I couldn’t help it. Everyone looked and I could only smile and say, “I got past a certain level on Edison Nation”. Blank stares…. blink….. blink.

My 1st Red X

March 21, 2010

I spent all day at work, still seeing green. I came home, my son had been trying to get in my profile to see how it was going! My 1st chance to finally peek in here tonight, and there it was. Gasp. The stop. The X. Red, not pink and fuzzy. Crap!
My first thoughts were… they made a mistake. This has potential to be easily marketed to anybody with a car or a TV. I mean… seriously! Everyone!
Oh well.
I’ll rework my presentation. My idea is great, but I admit I didn’t put any effort into my video or photo, and I still got to G4. Watch out. Don’t poke me with any forks or anything. I’m not done yet.

Plan B

March 24, 2010

I see now that the color red is very motivating. I would even think stop signs should be made in a different color, something that would not give me such determination to get them off my road, get quickly past them or turn them all into green exclamation marks. But, this is about plan B.

My presentations are home-brew. My ideas might not be what the sponsor is really after, an obvious possiblility, but the problem could also be a lack of enthusiasm for such a lame presentation! I want to work on my “package” and see if I gain any green from it.

I have contacted the vocational school down the road in hopes that they can suggest a willing student to help me draw a professional looking rendering of my gadget. I will re-video afterwards and be more explicit in the style description of the idea, leaving less to the imagination.

We’ll see how it goes. The forums are chock full of good info and the other inventors are generous, encouraging and even hillarious at times. I am still having a blast. I did manage to clean my house yesterday though!

UPDATE: Apparently the school isn’t interested in some newbie inventor. I’ll sketch ’em myself!

Thinking it's the best one yet...

March 26, 2010

But I can’t tell you what it is! So how do I know? I have entered another LPS with an idea I just love. I told my husband and son about it and they are to the point now where they don’t know what to say to me about this stuff anymore. I can’t be specific about the thing on here. So… I just submit it, tweak it here and there, and try to develop more patience. It’s such a secret thing we do. It compares to nothing else in life.

All about the forums

April 04, 2010

New friends. Who knew inventing stuff would take me to new friends? It started out just as a place to go while I was obsessively peeking at my dashboard. Now I look forward to reading everything in the forums and have images of everyone— even those who, like me, can’t find a face shot! The whole “inventing” deal is so secretive and yet this site brings everyone in on the secret. I’ve never gotten involved very deeply in forums before and really can’t stand Facebook and all those sites. I tried but just didn’t see the point. Why is this different? We’re all different ages with all different backgrounds. We’re even from different countries. So, why is this site the one way that works to bring us together? Fascinating.

Surprise Me

April 07, 2010

Everyone has their own reasons for appreciating EN. I know they provide opportunities that most of us could never manage to find on our own. They put ideas through a fair process and they deal with the industry folks so we don’t have to. That’s all great!

I think, right now, the thing that I appreciate most is… vagueness? I mean, they aren’t very specific at all in how they ask for the submissions. Just a clue. Just a hint. Basically saying, “Surprise us!” Nothing gets my creative juices going more than that kind of approach. It’s not an assignment, it’s a challenge.

A Safe Place

April 09, 2010

Where else could we do this? We are TOLD what a company is looking for, and then given a chance to provide it. All we need to do is create and leave the struggle for protoyping, manufacturing, patenting, licensing, and SELLING to someone else. We can talk to and learn from a bunch of inventors with widely different experiences and interests. I wonder if everybody else is as grateful as I am for this safe place to dream and create. I am still… just completely hooked. I sound like Ron!!! haha No offense, Ron!! yikes.


April 12, 2010

When you start a great new job, the honeymoon phase keeps you going for a long time. You can’t believe your good fortune in being chosen to work for such a great place with so many smart, open and friendly people. You are proud of your employer and maybe even talk about work all the time. It stays on your mind in the evenings as you try to process what exactly it is about the place that sets it above your previous job. You are a newbie. You are impressionable. You are open and eager to learn all you can. You give the benefit of the doubt to your employer. You try to play by the rules you just signed on to…

Then a little politics might come into play. You see who brings negativity along with their lunch. You get to know people who are unsatisfied with things that you would have fought to achieve in your old job as a step up! You might figure out that the manager has a few favorites that get special treatment and you learn who tries to work the system in order to gain that status. Then you find others who just want to do the job and help each other…

Along the same lines, there is an old saying that “nurses eat their young.” It means that many of the more experienced nurses are not open to befriending new grads and are quick to judge a new nurse as unsafe or ignorant. They work to defend their own expertise whether it is because they feel threatened or fear the role of mentor, I’m not sure. They don’t realize, or are not willing to accept that the new nurse could easily become the best nurse they ever worked with, with a little guidance, encouragement, watchful supervision and mentorship. The new nurse just needs a newbie-guide to success, in a way…

It is wonderful to find experienced inventors who are willing to be newbie-guides in here. They are the confident ones. They are not threatened, but are welcoming and even eager to help. They stand out in these forums like beacons. I would like to thank them and tell them that they are one of the reasons people keep trying through more and more LPS searches. They are the reason I am addicted to the forums. So thanks to all the newbie-guides. I think you know who you are!!

The first cut IS the deepest

April 12, 2010

My 2nd red x didn’t draw the same gasp. I’m out at R5 with one of my Ball search entries. I frowned and archived it and I’m over it already. hmmm


April 13, 2010

If you say stuff like…
“Wonder who thought to make this thing THIS way…”
“Huh? What?”
“No, why, do I look like I’m having a seizure?”
“I’m not in pain. I always squint and stare like this.”
“My ears are fine. I don’t need a hearing aid! What did you say?”
“I’ll be back in a sec, just want to check something on the computer,” then mumble something about a dashboard.
Other signs…
You find it hard to see the world in the usual way and you keep examining everything to see if it could be tweaked a little…
You stare off into space as you think through all your so-called “submissions”…
You hold your head in your hands while you sit at work and do nothing, or stare some more at other stuff like the wall, or a table, or your shoes…
Your home is a forgotten mess…
(dun dun dun dun)…
You’ve started REALLY watching ASOTV commercials…
(dun dun dun dun)…
The space around your computer is cluttered with 3 days worth of coffee cups, cereal bowls and wine glasses and looks like an exploded 4th grade art room…
(dun dun dun dun)…
You, my friend, have the tell tale signs and symptoms of a disease apparently common to many in these forums.
What IS it????
(duh dul dee dahhh)…
(scrEEEch scrEEEch scrEEEch!)
(blood curdling scream)…
well, a little.
Only remedy is….
EN. But they’re also the cause!
This is CRAZY stuff!!!!
I mean…
5 submissions to the ASOTV search? What the **** am I thinking?!
OK, OK… I’ll admit it. 6 entries. You got a problem with that?

Seeing in a new way

April 15, 2010

Lift up a book. Marvel at the binding. Open a drawer and see the silverware tray like you never saw one before. Go through the grocery store and notice the display of lawn chairs, not the webbed aluminum ones any more, but the nylon fabric/collapsible with cupholders and a storage bag for 8.00 ones. Who came up with those and when did they completely take over the market? Walk past the coffee aisle and stare at all styles of travel mugs. Who invented the travel mug?? Stroll past all the bottles of water… ? I would have cracked up at that idea when I was 12. Get home and pour your coffee and think about that drip coffeemaker that nobody had 40 years ago. Then get in here and type a fraction of what has been capturing your attention lately in a microblog. It’s a mind warping experience.


April 19, 2010

I just got to G6 with the Ball search. I saw it at the top of my list with another green check, but the sense of disbelief was so funny. I started to announce it on the forum and then thought I might have imagined it. I had to go back and literally count the marks again to make sure I had it right. It passed the real patent search! I’m gonna get my camera and take a picture of my pretty green dashboard.

Wish I could thank somebody

April 21, 2010

I just got G7 in the Ball search. No happy dance, just feel a huge wave of gratitude. Wish I could just thank the team for giving my idea a shot. I really appreciate it. My family is pretty psyched too. So, if you ever read this stuff, thanks.

Bated Breath

April 27, 2010

The presentation date went from April 22 to May 10 for the Ball search, so I have some time to enjoy my G7, time to wait, time to anticipate. Fine with me! One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is planning a vacation down to the last detail. We never follow the script for very long, but it’s like getting 2 vacations in 1 for me. The planning takes me there and I can picture the fun we’ll have. My husband doesn’t enjoy the planning phase, so I get to run with it!
This feels kinda like that. My idea is floating out there somewhere. I try to picture what the presentation will be like. I peeked in on my dashboard and saw what happens to the idea file with a G7— The option to “remove” is gone! I don’t have to think about red x’s for a little while longer. It is nice to have this bit of space in time with extra hope in it. I don’t mind waiting, bated breath and all.

Odds for Chirping Crickets

April 30, 2010

OK, I might be opening a can of… worms? The Intellectual Ventures LPS was one of those that stumped many of us. We, initially anyway, felt like it was so far beyond the little inventor that we just passed on it. I decided to go ahead and take a chance on a low tech idea and submitted it along with maybe a dozen or so others (I’m guessing.)
Recently, a discussion of statistics came up. Someone stated that each EN submission had the same odds of winning because the entry fee was the same, as if it were a lottery. I thought more that the searches that produce chirping crickets would give better odds to each individual who chose to submit an idea.
Last night was the night before the Intellectual Ventures presentation and I had the pleasure of witnessing almost everyone make it to G7!! I didn’t see a Red X posted!!! There’s only one more person from the forums that I haven’t heard from yet.
So, I’m thinkin’… the odds were in our favor! We haven’t gotten any G8’s yet or anything. I’m not suggesting that we’ll all make THAT. Just that our odds of being presented were probably way better than average. Seems that way to me.
Lesson learned? No fear!! Really read what they are asking for. Give it a shot if you can. You just never know. It could happen again and… that G7 boat last night was SAWEEEET!!!!!!