Back in the game, I hope

August 04, 2011

I have been going thru a bit of a dry spell after that last round of R8’s. The ASOTV search sat without a new submission for weeks. I couldn’t come up with a diaper pail idea. Measuring tools are not turning on any lightbulbs. Made in America is great… but I’m not a car lover. I am holding off on even thinking of 35.00 ideas for now, so those new Fund categories were basically off limits. So with all of that, I’ve been wondering if I am out of ideas! It was an unhappy thought.

Then last week, a BB&B idea popped into my head that made me smile… and it seemed like it was a good opt-in for ASOTV. The Q&A for Fisher Price’s diaper pail search gave me a simple last minute idea too. So, tentative steps… mind opening up again… I think I can play this game a little while longer… or a big while longer? I still love the whole process— the dashboards, the ENteam and the roller coaster ride… but man, if it wasn’t for my groups, I think I would have stepped away from the computer! I think I need to forget about all those archived battle scars and start again with fresh new stuff. Time to kick that hope monster… and wake him UP.