More R8 feedback from ASOTV.

October 14, 2011

This wasn’t too painful. I’m all calloused and tough now I guess.

ASOTV 2 Take 2, 2011…
Your item was presented as part of the ASOTV program. Through this process the item has been presented to between 5 to 8 different potential ASOTV partners. While each potential partner may have specific experience/opinion that caused them to eliminate the item from their consideration it has been in front of numerous companies, who decided that based upon product, ability to make demonstrative, competing items in marketplace,etc. that they did not want to move forward with it for ASOTV options.

Jane -

The team did put xxx through market research program to gather initial data on likely results at market. see comments from market research that was done via ASOTV Take 2.
The xxx xxx xxx problem was not viewed as a major problem for consumers (i.e xxx xxx xxx) and was viewed more favorably by males than females.

Based upon these results and the corresponding metrics, indicators that came back from market research the decision was made to not move forward.