Bandai .... 12/15/2011

December 13, 2011

One point at a time
we listen to each other,
find it or leave it …
it all becomes, it’s all, apparent.

A race to the end
green dots lead the way,
one never knows tomorrow
for today … let us just play.

it all comes together
we have heard once before,
the rules are the same
but the stakes, that much more.

the price is understated
it hangs in the distance,
as a glowing reminder…
beckoning off the resistance.

I have seen this path before
a new day is beckoning,
but i am drawn to the passion
and driven that much more.

The sound of the drums
we will learn of our true fate,
and the lessons will be ours
just to cherish in our space.

Enjoy the journey my friends
because it’s admist adversity we stand strong,
it’s the echo we will hear
in the walls of our search …..

Big Hugs for a great tomorrow …