When to move on

December 17, 2012

It seems every inventor marries his/her projects and sometimes commits to much without cutting their losses. I know recently I made it pretty far on a project that was licensed but had to cut the cord when we couldnt produce it cheap enough to make it profitable for all parties interested. Now I am left with a patent and hundreds of production samples but a bruised ego… still debating to put into production in a smaller manner or just moving onto other projects in stage 4 or 5…when do you move on?

newest item

August 06, 2013

my newest item is now on tv everywhere and retail comes in october :)


Taping times 2

October 03, 2013

Very exciting month, the lantern is doing excellent in sales and we are about to shoot my next DRTV product for 4th quarter. My wife is also about to tape her 30 minutes info commercial for her next product….gonna be a fast moving october but love watching it all happen at the same time! Feeling blessed :)


December 20, 2013

Just wrapped up the commercial for GripEEZ and I think it came out fantastic…im very happy with the product, pricing and the value upsells we are offering…I really hope this becomes my PedEgg !!! Exciting times !