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Joe Kurtenbach

Skills/Activities: Airplane and helicopter pilot for a brief time in my youth, Surveyor's Assistant and Draftsman for a brief time in my youth, Carpentry/Construction, Veterinary Technician, Lab Technician, Zoo Keeper, Computer Information Systems, Airport Security, Passenger Screening, Baggage Screening, post 9/11, Oil Field Worker/Truck Driver for a brief time, Over-the-Road Semi Truck Driver for a brief time, Fiction Writer (non-professionally) here and there for most of my life, and Inventor -- of a most non-prolific nature -- since the early 1990s

Member Since: 03/16/2013

College: National College, Rapid City, SD
Major: Veterinary Technology
College: Front Range Community College, Westminster, CO
Major: Computer Information Systems
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Micro Blog

  • Now an Insider

    March 29, 2013

    Just joined up as an Insider today. My first idea submission was a few days ago on 03/25/2013 for the Snap ’n Wrap to an ASOTV quarterly search.