A picture DOES speak a thousand words

September 29, 2012

A picture DOES speak a thousand words.
Will a 3D prototype help license your invention? How you present your invention to Edison Nation or a prospective company is critical. 3D visualizations are a great way to market your invention. This process allows for visualization in an environment that makes sense to the customer. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. You just need someone that can create a clear vision of what your ideas is. A picture truly speaks a thousand words. What I do is give you that at an extremely reasonable price. Just go to Edison Nation Forums and look me up. (John Vilardi)
I Joined the Edison Nation Family five years ago and have had the pleasure of assisting in the promotion of many extremely talented inventors. I was just recently picked for 2 inventions for the Everyday Edison’s Season 5TV show (2 out of 25) and ASOTV is in the process of prototyping and testing two more of my inventions. What we all need is a hand not a hand full of money coming out of your pocket.
I graduated from the Hendrix Institute on Long Island, NY, in 2001, mastering my expertise in Graphics Communications which included Lightwave 3D, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. I went on to work at the Inky Dinky Animation Studio with Robert Burden in NY for two years and then had the pleasure of working for Crusade Fine Arts comic books and then a short film with Billy Tucci — owner, writer and illustrator for Shi Comic books.
My company was founded in 2001 on Long Island, NY. Currently I’m a freelance Graphics Artist in Leesburg, Florida.
I’ve maintained a practice of providing 3D products that engage the senses. I have a great eye for design with common sense solutions.
Will your pictures speak a thousand words? Let me assist you.
John Vilardi