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Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Mentor
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Phillip Avery
Allentown , PA US
Paraglider pilot P2, Inventor, Freelance Graphic Designer, and Photographer, 3D modeler
inventor. entrepreneur. thinker. and Product Developer
Inventor, problem solver, general contractor.
Inventor, Creative Thinking, Artist, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver, Research
creative out of box thinker, Toastmasters, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Participant in various consumer think tanks , and Inventor of the POTSOX - POTSOK designer wear for flowerpots
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Julie Brown
Yuma , AZ US
creative thinking,inventing, Brainstorming, www.E-ZzzSleep.com, www.SleepyHeadPillowcase.com, www.TravelersTread.com, Member UIA (United Inventors Association), and At G7 for 4 months with BB&B Women of Invention
aerospace r&d, test and evaluation, Operations Research, Space Operations, Systems Engineering, Development Planning, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Wargaming
Inventor, Electronics engineering, and Firmware/Software development
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welding,fabrication, mechanical, healthcare, research, science, mechanics, design, and Graphics, 3D graphics
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Tom Bednar
Brunswick , OH US
Owner of a small business that specializes in the design and application of high quality, custom interior finishes. We cater to designers, decorators, custom home builders and the discerning homeowner.
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Diana Timmons
Gig Harbor , WA US
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Andrea Purves
Poughkeepsie , NY US
Founder and CEO of CAT Fitness, Houston Inventors Association, Owner and operator of Coastal Fence Co., and Winner of the Fitness Invention Of The Year Award from Everlast
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Jane J.
Clayton , OH US
healthcare, nursing and Team Talva!!
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Marinela Dragan
Gladstone , OR US
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Sandra Baggott
Racine , WI US
I am also a singer / song writer. I wrote a commercial for Childrens Hospital intitled Steps, which aired on National T.V. and radio for 8 years. I am very good at home remodeling. I love inventing things. My grandfather invented the ruby red reflector, t