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  • Did I do that?
  • I'm break'n outta here!
  • The tiniest baby - Alice.
  • Let's play.
  • What are you look'n at?
  • Look my chew-bone is almost bigger than me.
  • The pups change so much 4 wks old here.
  • This is one of our Momma's Giselle after delivering her pups.
  • Pig pile oops I mean puppy pile.
  • Here's my boy Caspian.  He was making up for sneaking out.  I forgive you Caspian.  (Look at Lil in the backgound.)
  • Okay let's play.
  • Gotcha!
  • Guess who got stuck?
  • Gotta love a little dog in pajamas.
  • This is my sweet Lillie.  She is my tiniest resident Yorkie.  She weighs 3lbs.(This is my computer wallpaper).
  • The biggest baby - Jazzy.

Mary Scarlett

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