July 11, 2009

My granduncle’s, grandfather’s brother Dr Ed Woldman an Internist, Invented a drip method for ulcers in the stomach. My grandfathers other brother Norman Woldman wrote the book that’s considered the Bible of engineering alloys. Book Title: Woldman’s engineering alloys
By Norman Emme Woldman, John P. Frick

As a child around the age of 7, I remember creating a gadget that I adhered to my bicycle to hold my AM Transistor Radio on the handle bars. So now while I rode my bike I could listen to my radio without having to hold it in my hands and steer. That day I knew i wanted to someday have a product that everyone used and loved as much as I did riding around on my bike listening to my hands free radio. Ever since, I’ve been coming up with a multitude of ideas for products and haven’t had the fulfillment of my dream which is the accomplishment of a successful product that transforms people’s life’s. It seemed like every time I came up with a idea I would see it on a store shelve 2 – 3 years later which told me my ideas were viable and my product ideas were on the track. The last Idea I had I won a National Great Idea Contest and ended up manufacturing the product. I had sales in the thousands, but only to find someone did something similar with better marketing skills and hit the jackpot with it. There’s nothing like that feeling of creating something new. It’s been 50 years since that first idea. Early on I was accused of day dreaming as a child by one of my teachers. My teacher made it seem like a bad thing. I realize now I was allowing my mind to wonder, imagine and create. All the same things I love doing today wondering, Imagining and creating.