Low latent inhibition

December 30, 2010

Most people are able to ignore the constant stream of incoming stimuli, but this capability is reduced in those with low latent inhibition. It is hypothesized that a low level of latent inhibition can cause either psychosis or a high level of creative achievement or both, which is usually dependent on the subject’s intelligence.Those of above average intelligence are thought to be capable of processing this stream effectively, enabling their creativity. Those with less than average intelligence, on the other hand, are less able to cope, and so as a result are more likely to suffer from mental illness.

First time I heard of low latent inhibition was on a show called Fringe. I obviously found it interesting and fascinating. All through school I always received C’s, D’s and yes F’s because I never applied myself. I was always daydreaming, imagining the what if’s and new product ideas were always popping into my mind. When I put myself back in school, college around 17 years ago I got straight A’s and was on the deans list for four straight years in a row. Why, what changed?. it’s because I was interested in what I was learning and loved it. I didn’t see college as work, it was a whole lotta fun.

I’m now looking at life as in chapters and this last year has been a great one. Looking forward to turning the pages as I continue on this path and new journey.