Soaring to New Heights

November 24, 2012

I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders and that it
has been replaced with … WINGS!
You see, Inventing has been Wonderful for the creative side of me yet
stressful for the realistic side.
It’s hard feeling that you have a gem of an idea and not knowing what
to do to see it shine.
Sitting on it and seeing it come to Market…
Explaining it to friends and family who don’t get it or even worse,
Explaining to people who DO “Get It” but think of the whole dynamics of
inventing as a “Pipe Dream!”

And as for “Patent Pending.” If you don’t have a plan of action when
you apply for it, you probably won’t have one when the 12 months are up
and the price to proceed with a full patent is… discouraging
Especially when you add to it all of the attorneys/websites/companies
who want to Charge A Lot To Do To Guarantee Nothing!

I actually found this site by what some would call LUCK but what I
would call INTENTION!
You see I was actively trying to find a way to present to HSN when I
came accross the “Road Trip” search. AMAZING!
After researching EN all i can say is….
WOW!!!! Where Has It Been AND How Did I NOT KNOW It Existed?
Finally my idea’s can take flight.
The Weights have been officially lifted and now I have Wings…
Time to Soar!