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  • Poetic License by, Nancy Jean "Can it be that love is real"
  • Poetic License by, Nancy Jean "While all the world is spinning"
  • Poetic License by, Nancy Jean
  • Passion and Freedom and More
  • Poetic License by, Nancy Jean "I hold you"
  • Blue Lady
  • Hanging Aquarium
  • The Fat Fairy (T-Shirt)
  • I'm So Cold Now.....
  • Promises of Love
  • Even the Wild Ones.....
  • My Desire....This Love
  • Reminds Me
  • Poetic LIcense by, Nancy Jean "Darling please remember me"
  • Lovers Forever (Thumb Tattoos)
  • Gentleness...

nancy freeman

Location: North Redington Beach , FL, US

Skills/Activities: Poetry Artist, Motivational Speaker, and Marketing & Public Relations

Member Since: 01/30/2012

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  • new to edison nation

    February 06, 2012

    very excited to find this site and to prepare to submit ideas to edison nation.