Hi Group - About Me

March 17, 2009

My grandfather was an inventor. He actually invented the Bobby Pin; he called it a “Hair Pal.” Sadly though he sold the patent for a song. He invented many other things too at Western Union where he worked for 50 years, but he never had the benefit of getting something funded well.

I have always had the same passion. As the author of 11 books, four that have been best sellers, one #10 on Amazon for year, I love to create. My first book, also, was a resource book for entrepreneurs in Chicago and I now have a free e-book on starting a business (email me at melissa@networlding.com if you want a copy.)

I am now turning my attention to some of the products I have always wanted to create. I hope you like them. I love to help entrepreneurs and I welcome anyone to visit my site at www.networlding.com.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs helping name their products and get them off the ground. My values and my company’s values are: 1) making a difference, 2) integrity, 3) collaboration and innovation. To this end I give away a guidebook I created for social networking to non-profits. I love to help and if you have places where I can help let me know.

I have been a mentor to many through the Small Business Administration and our state government in Illinois. I welcome an opportunity to help.