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  • Multiple Units Help You Stay Organized. A Great Identification Tool
  • YOUR TOOTHBRUSH SHOULD NOT BE A NICK-NACK!  Keep Them From Filtering Bathroom Germ Activety Inside A Cupboard
  • Free Up Counter Space / Keep Your Family Organized
  • No Need To Worry, They Won't Rust In The Salty Air Either
  • Ideal For LearningToddlers / How Convenient!
  • Holds Any Toothbrush
  • The Pattented Spring Grip Machanics Secures Your Brushes When You Are Out On The Road
  • Support Your Standing Battery Brush & Spare Brush Heads / Rungs My Be Trimmed Off To Support A Battery Brush That Is Standing To Prevent It From Falling In Case It Gets Bumped
  • Package Front & Back
  • Advertizing Version Also Available In White Or Glow In The Dark
  • 100% Water & Mildew Proof

Sandra Baggott

Location: Racine, WI, US

Skills/Activities: I am also a singer / song writer. I wrote a commercial for Childrens Hospital intitled Steps, which aired on National T.V. and radio for 8 years. I am very good at home remodeling. I love inventing things. My grandfather invented the ruby red reflector, t

Member Since: 08/28/2009

College: Gate Way
Major: CNA
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Micro Blog

  • College Dorm Purchase Testimony

    September 21, 2009

    “The Hang away universal toothbrush holder has finally solved the problem of multiple toothbrushes cluttering our drawers. I gave one to my son for his dorm room. Great idea.”
    Date: August 25, 2008 Rated by Buyer: Thomas S.

  • Multiple Purchases On Average (2) Per House Hold

    September 15, 2009

    Yes that’s right, even though each one sells for just over $3.00, my customers usually by (2) (3) or (4) at a time to put in each bathroom of their home bringing up the total price point of each sale. It is not uncommon for me to sell…

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  • Another Satisfied Customer Writes Testimonial

    September 01, 2009

    Dear Sandra : I love your Hang away and it still continues to be my favorite product. I can’t believe that something so inexpensive can be such a luxury item. LOL. I hope you are successful in getting into…

    continue reading
  • The Hang Away Universal Toothbrush Holder's web site information

    August 28, 2009

    My name is Sandra Baggott. I am an independent developer and founder of SB Products. I created the Hang~Away Universal Toothbrush Holder for everyone to enjoy. Not only is this little luxury affordable, you will soon come to depend on…

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