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Internet Startups, Web Design & Development, and Television Production
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Daniel Cordero
Charlotte , NC US
Producer, Everyday Edisons , Non-Linear Editing, and ASOTV Producer
Senior Editor Everyday Edisons
Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Mentor
making it rain, wiping it down, and the watermelon crawl
Engineering, Software, and Microcontrollers
Broker/RealtorĀ® NC and SC, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, and DRTV Program Manager
Legal Services, Company Formation / Organization, and Trademark Filings
Prototyping, Musician/Audio Engineer, and Business Owner / Entrepreneur
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Phillip Avery
Allentown , PA US
Paraglider pilot P2, Inventor, Freelance Graphic Designer, and Photographer, 3D modeler
Prototyping, Product Development Enhancement, and Inventor/ideas for products
Prototyping and Mechanical Engineering
Prototyping, inventor/product designer, and sewing specialist
Inventor / idea woman, Everyday Edisons Season 2, and Registered Nurse/Mother of 2
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Michael Dufresne
Cottage Grove , MN US
Freelance Graphic Design, Inventor, and Project Management
Media Relations and Writing & editing
Product Design, Product Developer and Enhancement, and Product Development