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Anthony Costa

Location: onsted, MI, US

Skills/Activities: Saltwater Reef Keeping and Inventor

Member Since: 06/17/2009

Anthony costa hasn't added any forum posts yet.

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Micro Blog

  • Provisional Application

    May 06, 2012
    Provisional application filed in 11/06/2006, non-provisional patent application 11/05/07, completed patent 6/29/2010. Reissue filed 2/08/2012 First and only to file both units together as one, Centrifugal flow with magnetic attachment.
  • Still Going and Going

    April 18, 2012

    I think it is time to add to my blog.
    Started invention more than six years ago and finally a video after my own heart. The ocean’s endless possibilities.

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  • Power Mag Pump

    October 02, 2011

    Wider, increased centrifugal flow with moveable interactive attachment a current like nature intended.

    Sealife Aquariums Corporation
  • Sealife Aquariums Corporation

    July 07, 2011

    The final key to a healthy, vibrant closed aquatic environment. Beneficial for aquaculture, public aquariums, grow algae for biofuel, R&D for new medical breakthroughs, coral reef research centers, aquarist, etc. U.S. patent completed US…

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