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Christine Zurhellen

Location: Leominster, MA, US

Member Since: 04/03/2012

Christine zurhellen hasn't added any forum posts yet.

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Micro Blog

  • Keeping fingers crossed

    May 11, 2012

    Just submitted my idea to Molly Simms. Hopefully she LOVES the idea and wants to invest in my idea. Please Lord I know you have faith in me and I’m putting faith in you. Help me please! Thank you for everything…

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  • The waiting game

    April 23, 2012

    You know that old game your parents used to play with you when you’re a kid? See who can stay the quietest the longest? Yeah I’m playing the waiting game now. HMMMMM!!!!

  • Newbie

    April 03, 2012

    Hey all inventors,
    Mrs. Z here, wondering what is the catch in all of this? It seems legit and honorable company. Need some advice on being a newbie of a great idea. Any advice be awesome.