August 14, 2013

After receiving a G6 on the ASOTV search, I had to post on how thankful and blessed I’m feeling today!

I started with Edison in 2009. All of the wonderful people in this company and on the forums had given me more hope than they could ever know. My son, Joshua, had passed away in 2007, and one of the dreams that had kept me going for his whole life, was to become an inventor like my great uncle, Walter L. Chappell, who’d had a successful invention company in the 70’s and 80’s. Finding Edison nation really was a God send, in more ways than one.

I had gotten close to a G8, and then in 2011 it was time to go through another trial; I had a brain tumor removed that was in such a dangerous spot, the one Dr. from Baylor called it “no man’s land”.

Now I’m back, and I’m so excited because I really think this one is it! I just had to let it all out and give Edison Nation a BIG thank you for everything! I’m hoping I get to thank everyone in person :)