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Inventor, Creative Thinking, Artist, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver, Research
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Fred Wherritt
Waterford , MI US
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Derrick James
Beloit , WI US
Inventing, creativity, innovation, engineering, design for six sigma
Sideways Thinking, 3D Design, Misunderstanding things as better than they are, Getting irritated by things that don't work well, Napkin Sketching, "Physical Sketching" (making quick working prototypes), 3D Printing (I'm a 3D printing fanatic!), STEAM, and The Oxford Comma
Product Developer
Inventor, CAD Designer, Entrepreneur
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Elizabeth Crouch
Sheridan , OR US
Entrepreneur, Inventor, Creative Thinker, Mountaineering Enthusiast, Grandma!
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Cedric Price
Virginia Beach , VA US
Product Developer
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Jacob Downey
Cordova , IL US
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Samuel capnord
Greenwood , MS US
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Brad Turner
Lansing , KS US