Vedran Martinek's Friends

Internet Startups, Web Design & Development, and Television Production
Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Mentor
Classically-trained pianist; Songwriter; Background Vocalist; Music Director; /entrepreneur and Costume Jewelry artisan
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Phillip Avery
Allentown , PA US
Paraglider pilot P2, Inventor, Freelance Graphic Designer, and Photographer, 3D modeler
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Danny Bethea
Columbia , SC US
Computer Systems Operator and Former United States Marine.
inventor. entrepreneur. thinker. and Product Developer
Inventor / idea woman, Everyday Edisons Season 2, and Registered Nurse/Mother of 2
Media Relations and Writing & editing
Nursing,, RN, and Inventor, Entrepreneur
Prototyping, Product Developer and Enhancement, and Patents
Prototyping, Product Design, and Inventor
Graphics Communications , Lightwave, Dream Weaver, and Photoshop
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Eric Huber
San Juan Capistrano , CA US
Inventor, Creative Thinking, Artist, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver, Research
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Jonathan smith
Nashville , TN US
Product Design, New Product Development, Industrial Designer, Packaging Design, Consumer Research , Concept Evaluation, and Consultant
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Austin S. Lin
Cambridge , MA US
Inventor and Creative Thinking