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Classically-trained pianist; Songwriter; Background Vocalist; Music Director; /entrepreneur and Costume Jewelry artisan
inventor. entrepreneur. thinker. and Product Developer
Graphics Communications , Lightwave, Dream Weaver, and Photoshop
creative out of box thinker, Toastmasters, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Participant in various consumer think tanks , and Inventor of the POTSOX - POTSOK designer wear for flowerpots
limited prototypes, Creative problem solving, Electronic and Mechanical Design, Segway Gen 1 Enhancements, Member of Indiana Inventors Association, and Planet Eureka's USA National Innovation Marketplace
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Ramanathan Srinivasan
Idea man
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Stephanie Beck
San Antonio , TX US
helping the disabled, inventor
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Mr. Ed
redmond , WA US
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kelly sullinger
Beaverton , OR US
Founder and CEO of CAT Fitness, Houston Inventors Association, Owner and operator of Coastal Fence Co., and Winner of the Fitness Invention Of The Year Award from Everlast
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Derrick James
Beloit , WI US
Inventing, creativity, innovation, engineering, design for six sigma
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Scott Thieman
Fort Collins , CO US
New Product Developer, Cliff Jumper, and if you invent, then your a cliff jumper i guess
Reading,Writing,Researching and Documentary. and Native writer and Expert editor
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James Chapman
Bonita Springs , FL US
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Michael Chesebro
AutoCAD and modeling