Living with Purpose

June 04, 2012

I have always admired those who invent simple things with a big impact. One of my favorite inventions is the slap wrist bracelet. I love that a person looked at a tape measure and decided to cover it with all kinds of cloth patterns. They are fun to use and they havent lost their marketability over the years.

For me,inventing creates a purposeful feeling in my life. I define an invention as something that can improve the quality of your life and others. It’s something that can connect you to the world through development,sales and distribution. I also see it as an opportunity to have the power to make a living that can allow you to give back to the masses, as long as, the masses purchasee your product.

I am excited to have found Edison Nation. Its an opportunity to share ideas and be creative. For me, its also a chance to live with a purpose.

Thank you inventors and the Edison team,

Brittany Garcia